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My English ancestors first came to Virginia in the 1600's, and my "Fulk family," from Germany and prior to that, France, first came to the USA on a ship named "The Globe" in 1720. They later moved to Virginia and settled along the James River, with some moving elsewhere, including further south into North Carolina.

About me...I have been involved in international business and development for almost three decades. I have traveled to over 50 countries and have lived abroad in Zurich, London, Sao Paulo and Malta.

Currently, I am seeking a new opportunity in the following areas:

+Economic Development

(Local, Regional and State, Private/Public)


(Inbound US commercial investments)


(Trade Credit Insurance)


(Trade finance, Structured transactions,

Risk mitigation, Credit administration, Business development, International financial institution and corporate debt restructuring and recoveries)

+Sales and Marketing

(Training, Strategy, Product or Service Promotion, 

Product Manager

+Representative Officer

(USA or Overseas)